Why Donate
Giving locally is one of the best ways to help your community thrive and grow stronger for the benefit of all.

In these difficult economic times, it can be rewarding to see your dollars at work helping friends and neighbors who need support. Each year, the Community Chest funds 35 or more human services agencies that provide needed support to residents of Concord and Carlisle. These essential organizations provide a backbone of support that crosses many walks of life.

Your gift in any amount can make a difference. As of June 30, 2013, we have raised just over $644,000 to serve local need. Out of 8000 Concord and Carlisle households, about 3000 have donated to the CCCC over time. Over the last fiscal year we have received 1300 donations.

The Community Chest diligently reviews each agency that applies for funding. Overseen by our Board of Directors, our Annual Allocations process ensures that each agency’s grant proposal, financial structure and organizational operations are reviewed with a fresh set of eyes and perspectives, to ensure that funds are efficiently and wisely spent to benefit Concord and Carlisle residents.

You can be sure that your donation to the Community Chest is carefully managed and thoughtfully disbursed — and that you are helping to make your community a better place.