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The Community Chest was able to give away over $560,000 this year to help our neighbors in need!

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HGRM provides gently used household goods free of charge to individuals and families in need. HGRM has seen a 79% increase in people seeking furniture and home furnishings between 2004 and 2010 and distributed goods worth approximately $1,800,000 in 2012. Clients are referred by social service agencies and come from many cities and towns in Massachusetts, including Concord and Carlisle. Clients may include single parent households with small children, victims of domestic violence, fire or flood, veterans transitioning back to civilian life, recent immigrants, political refugees and citizens moving out of homeless shelters. HGRM believes that making a home is often the first step toward long-term stability and strives to make that step happen.

Learn what we do to support our community:

Fifty years ago, if you didn't donate to the Community Chest, a neighbor would come knocking at your door. For 10 days during October citizens fanned out across town in search of funds to service those in need. It took such a spirited sense of community to create the Concord Community Chest in 1947.

Winthrop Lee, one of the four founding members, recalls it was Morgan Smith who had the idea to break away from the regional Red Feather Campaign, the predecessor to the United Way. Red Feather balked at Concord's forming its own group, but the local leaders could not be dissuaded. Past Board president Mary Johnson, whose husband was a founder, said accountability was a key reason for the change. 'When you gave locally you knew where your money was going,' she says. In the end, Red Feather became one of the seven agencies funded by the Concord Community Chest that first year. Lee says Emerson Hospital was the primary beneficiary, receiving 88 percent of the funds. Learn More»