Member Agencies

Elder Services

Carlisle Council on Aging (COA)
The Carlisle COA is dedicated to serving senior citizens and assisting their families and friends with aging issues. In cooperation with other organizations, the COA serves both elders who are well and those with some degree of frailty.
To volunteer, contact Deborah Siriani, 978-371-6693,

Concord Council on Aging (COA)
The Concord Council on Aging works to improve the quality of life of Concord’s citizens who are over the age of sixty. The COA strives to assist them in maintaining dignity, independence, and their role as full participants in the life of the community. The COA makes every effort to provide seniors with opportunities that enhance their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.
To volunteer, contact Ginger Quarles, 978-318-3020,

Cooperative Elder Services
Cooperative Elder Services offers Adult Day Health, Alzheimer Day Care Services, nursing care, therapeutic recreation, and counseling services for frail elders and disabled adults who have medical, emotional, or cognitive impairments. Clients in more than fifty communities in the Greater Boston area have been able to use the Cooperative Elder Services as an alternative to nursing home placement, thus offering their family caretakers peace of mind and respite.

Friends in Service Helping (FISH)
FISH is an organization of volunteers that provides transportation to and from medical and similar appointments within Concord and the nearby area. This free service is available to all residents who are unable to drive themselves - not only senior citizens. Want to volunteer? FISH depends on volunteers to drive and to take requests for services. Volunteers normally donate one day a month either as a driver or a phone volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, please call us at 978-369-2244 and leave your name and phone number. We will contact you for an interview.

Minuteman Senior Services
Minuteman Senior Services helps elders and others with long-term care needs to remain in their own homes, safe, comfortable and independent, for as long as they are able, and to support their caregivers as they face the challenges presented by the competing needs of family, work and self. Minuteman offers information and referral, care management, nursing home screening, Alzheimer’s services, respite care, and meals-on-wheels.
To volunteer, contact Joan Butler, 781-221-7087,